This is Lip.

We're an outfit of Mercenary Writers.

We Write Stuff for Money.

Usually that Means:

Commercial, radio, print, website copy, brand guides, guerilla campaigns.

But we can write anything, really.

If you need words and ideas, we got 'em.

We don't wanna disappear for your brand.

We want to collide with it.

Absorb it. Taste it.

Make a blood-pact with it.

Then get its lips moving.

Get it saying things no one else can say,

In a way no one else can say THEM.

When you work with Lip,

You'll get a unique product.

You'll get something that speaks deep.

Words that flow.

Ideas that unhinge the heart.

You'll get a voice that takes

Your brand from speaking

To making a statement.

So let's party.

Who we've worked with

  • Necessity Labs

  • Slawsa

  • Fancy Rhino

  • Area203 Digital

  • East Lake Neighborhood Association

  • Wal-Mart

  • Arch Advantage

  • Ars Ecommerce

  • Chattanooga Whiskey

  • River City Company

  • North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy

  • Build me a World